Meet Our Cousin Beverly!

Arthur Amos and family, 1963

Last year, out nowhere, I received an email from a Beverly Shively. She had attended her genealogy meeting the night before and learned to use Google’s family research. While practicing her newfound skills, she happened upon our Expletive Amos Boys blog.

“I am new at this and was blown away to find your blog, as I previously have only been using Ancestry and Family to search,” wrote Beverly. “I was amazed with the family Bible.”

Imagine my excitement when she turned out to be a not-so-distant relative. With family photos! And some of them were of us!

So let’s get to know Beverly. She is the lovely woman on the right in the photo above, (which happens to be ours) and her grandfather Charles Edwin was a brother to our (William) Arthur Amos, the man in the front, center.

Welcome to the family Cousin Beverly! We’re so glad to meet you!

Charles E. and Effie Amos and their son Robert, circa 1905-1010.

Here we have Beverly’s grandparents, Charles E. and Effie Amos, together with their son Robert (Beverly’s father). For a bit of bearing, Robert was born in 1902, seven years before our Roland Amos (his cousin.

Looking at Charles is interesting because we can imagine how Arthur Amos may have looked in his younger days.

Are you still with me? I know family generations can get confusing. But Beverly has answers to some of our questions.

If you recall the comments of this post regarding the Amos Party in Indiana 1963 (top of this page), we Amos’s questioned who, in addition to Beverly, were the people at the right.

Robert Lawton Amos and Edith Campbell Amos
“The two people to my left are my parents, Robert Lawton Amos (Charles E. Amos’s son) and my mom,” answers Beverly. “My father graduated as an engineer from Purdue and then became a urologist at the Indiana University. My mom was a nurse. She was Edith Campbell from New Castle, Indiana. My Dad served two or three years as a surgeon during WWII as he spoke fluent German. They lived in New Castle until 1968.”

Here are pictures of her parents Robert and Edith in their younger days. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?

With New Castle being only a couple hours from Topeka, Beverly says she remembers visiting “Uncle Arthur often when I was younger.” The 1963 family gathering was the summer after she graduated from Purdue.

Amos family reunion in Topeka, IN, circa late 1950sHere is an earlier Topeka gathering, from the late 1950s. From left are: Bruce, Eleanor Loughman (?), Beverly and Duane.

Amos family reunion in Topeka, IN, circa late 1950s

At that same gathering, from left: Roland, his sister Dorothy Amos Loughman (Eleanor’s mother) and Robert (Beverly’s father).

Amos family reunion in Topeka, IN,

And here is a gathering from even earlier times. Beverly and I are wondering if the woman on the left is (William) Arthur’s first wife Beatrice? If so, this photo is pre-1944, the year Beatrice died. From left are possibly Beatrice (?), Arthur, Dorothy, Roland and Robert.

Beverly ShivelyThese days, Beverly lives in Maryland, just outside Washington D.C. Before retiring, she worked as a home economist and retail food broker. Now she keeps busy volunteering at her local hospital and, of course, tracing her family tree.

Beverly has been blessed with two sons; Robb, who passed away in 1998, and Greg, who is married and has two children.

Once again, welcome to you, Beverly! We’re so glad to meet you and hope we can join our families for a gathering!