Bruce’s Family

Bruce and children

Bruce's 78th birthday, 2011 l-r: Vicki, Bruce, Shelley and Scott

Bruce's Family, 2000

Front Row: Corrie (Scott), Bruce, Nicki (Scott)
Middle Row: Scott, Dawson (Keli), Shelley, Vicki, Austin (Kim), Amanda (Shelley)
Back Row: Makela (Keli), Ron (Vicki’s husband), Kristen (Vicki), Hillary (Shelley), Mark (Keli’s husband), Keli (Vicki), Kim (Vicki)

Three generations: Scott, Bruce, Corrie

Three generations: Scott, Bruce and Corrie

July 08'- Scott with his daughter Nicki, son Corrie, and grandchildren Aaliyah, Joey and April

Christmas 09' - Scott and his daughter Nicki and son Corrie

Christmas 09' - Scott's grandchildren (Bruce's great-grandchildren) Joey, Aaliyah, April and Aziah

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