Adios 2012!

Bruce, Jerry and Duane
Here we are already, the end of 2012!

If we rehash the year according to Time Magazine, the top news event was Hurricane Sandy. The most popular tweet was “Four more years,” by Barack Obama. And the number one sports story was Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.

We are, by the way, also at the end of our yearlong Expletive Amos Boys blog. It’s been a fascinating journey, has it not? And just as the media has its top events, I’ve got my “top phrases.” They’re interesting expressions the Amos Boys used repeatedly in our weekly telephone chats.

Here they are:

“Speaking of police, do you remember the time…” 

Should we be concerned that this was the introductory line to a disturbingly large number of Amos Boys conversations? Like the story of Duane finishing a night of work at Matthew’s Restaurant and landing himself smack in jail.

“When I came out of the restaurant a guy was waiting on the sidewalk and he punched me in the eye,” says Duane, admitting that, yes, he may have previously smarted off to him. “A cop was there and grabbed us both. I had to get stitches and we both had to spend the night in jail.”

“That’s all hearsay…” 

Every once in a while the three guys came up with differing views of the same story. This, of course, is common for everyone as we remember events of our youth. What’s interesting though, is that in our year of reminiscing, I heard this comment most often from Bruce and it was always in reply to Duane and Jerry’s incriminating stories.

“Every day Bruce would chase Pat Matfore home from school. Every single day,” say both Duane and Jerry. “He’s the kid that grew up to be a big football player for St. Mary’s. And later he became a doctor.”

“I don’t remember that,” says Bruce. “That’s all hearsay. I was always Mrs. Amos’s good boy.”

“Giving it the Ol’ Beech Street Try”

Jerry made this comment more than a year ago when we first discussed the feasibility of doing this blog. At that time we brainstormed topics we wished to cover and how to coordinate the telephone calls. Jerry thought we should be an open book. He said even though none of them were big phone conversationalists, they’d give it “the Ol’ Beech Street try.” This rally, which references their house on Beech Street (you know, the one with the hard-as-rock front yard where all the kids hung out), is one he made several times throughout our project.

If we’re going to be metaphorically streetwise, the Amos Boys not only gave it the Ol’ Beech Street try, they made 2012 a Grand River Avenue of a year. Each Monday, as we connected via modern technology, they reinforced what I’ve always known—that these three brothers are truly special men. I feel so privileged to have shared this time with them.

Thanks Duane, Bruce and Jerry!

But wait, what about the rest of us? Our conversations in the comment section have been a blast. The Expletive Amos Boys blog is online for the duration, so let’s keep the chatter going!

And then there’s the reunion. Wasn’t last summer’s get together fun? Are you interested in having another? We need to start planning now—dates, location, activities!

Here’s one idea (and we certainly want to hear more):

This year, on September 14, Laingsburg is celebrating its 175th centennial anniversary. Check it out here. Note the mention of the Laing family’s interest in participating. That’s us! And remember the helpful gentleman we met last summer in the Laingsburg restaurant? He mentioned the possibility of a parade float just for us (now wouldn’t that just be riotous:-). Whether this materializes or not isn’t important, but, just in case, we need to start practicing our parade waves now.

It’s been a fun year everyone. Let’s keep in touch!

8 thoughts on “Adios 2012!

  1. Di, thank you so much for this fantastic year of getting to know our family history and bringing the family back together again!! I am all for another reunion and think it would be a blast to participate in the Laingsburg anniversary. But whether we participate or not, I hope everyone is for another reunion. Maybe all those who couldn’t attend last summer could make it this year with some earlier planning.

  2. THANK YOU, Di for all your efforts!!! And, thank you Dad, Uncle Duane and Uncle Jerry. I’ve SO enjoyed this. Wishing everyone the best yet for 2013. Be healthy, happy and blessed!!

  3. Di……….There are three old boys whoare lucky to have someone like you in the family. Even though we were apprehensive about the blog idea, it turned out very rewarding for us and probably for most of the kids. I know it was a work of love for you and a blessing for the rest of us. It is great to know that there is someone energetic and caring to be the research center and keeper of our history.

  4. And again, thanks Di for all your work, and the ‘3 old boys’ for all their memories. It was wonderful to hear all those…….wait a minute….Dad was in jail????!!!

    God be with you all in the New Year. I love you all, lots!

  5. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. It’s been such a fun project and the comments added so much!

    Very exciting updates for the Amos Boys is that Bruce is hoping to move back to Michigan this spring. He’ll be able see his family more and join Duane and Jerry in their regular lunch outings. And he’ll be here for the reunion!

    So what about this reunion? Anyone have dates they’d like to see thrown into the idea mix? Is summer better than the September 14 centennial date? Those of you who couldn’t come last year, what would make it more doable this year?


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