Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, early 1990sAmos Thanksgiving, mid-1990s

Well, here it is, a few days after Thanksgiving…a.k.a. recovery mode. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

I’ve asked the Amos Boys about their childhood Thanksgivings and they didn’t have any stories to offer. But as adults, they and their wives sure created wonderful Thanksgiving memories for their children and grandchildren, didn’t they? So many of us associate this special day with the gathering of family, lots of fun and laughter, the blue and silver of the Detroit Lions and a huge spread of the most awesome food.

Oh, the food!

So this post is about food (the cool picture above was after-dinner entertainment by the Amos Boys’ grandchildren—remember that, kiddos?). Food, as we know, is a universal language. It unites generations and documents our history. Here’s a sampling from the Amos Foodie Files (you can “right click” your mouse on any of these images and save the recipe for future reference).

Jerry and Elaine have a Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook that belonged to the Amos Boys’ mother Gladys. Jerry says she probably got it after they were grown and she had more time to cook (more on that next week). Anyway, the following are loose leaf recipes Gladys filed in that book.

Chex Mix RecipeWhat would Thanksgiving be without Chex Mix?

pickle recipe

I remember two of my cousins being quite the pickle connaisseurs …ahem, Shelley, Jenny.

Heavenly Fruit Salad recipe

 Jello salads of any kind were a mainstay at every gathering.50 People Salad

 Is it a salad? A dressing? Whatever it is, you surely want to save
this for your next feeding of the 50. No calories here. At all. 

Gladys wasn’t the only one who cooked for family gatherings. In fact, her daughters-in-law Carol and Jeanie were excellent cooks, and we know from this summer’s family reunion that Jerry, Elaine and family should be assigned the role of family chefs.

Here are some of their recipes.

Carrot Bread Recipe

Jeanie’s Carrot Bread and Cranberry Salad

Carol's German Potato Salad recipeCarol's German Potato SaladCarol’s German Potato Salad
(Carol’s daughter-in-law, Cindy, has this recipe mastered.
It’s like Thanksgiving 1960-70s once again!)

So, tell us! What are your Amos Thanksgiving memories? And what were your favorite foods? How does the food you cook nowadays compare to days gone by?

Share your stories! Share your recipes!

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I LOVED Aunt Carol’s German potato salad, but didn’t we have that at Christmas? I think my favorite Thanksgiving food was the fried Mincemeat Pie that Uncle Jerry would fix. Did anyone besides Jerry and I eat it???

    I guess I don’t have any specific Thanksgiving memories (but I have a terrible memory), other than all of us being together, taking turns at each Uncle’s house, and eating the awesome food from the three awesome cooks we call our Moms/Aunts prepared. Uncle Jerry always had some wild trick or game for us kids to play. I sure miss those days!!

  2. I remember being afraid to try the mincemeat because it “looked weird.” Now that I’m older and wiser (just a bit of both), I’m sure I’d love it. Uncle Jerry, do you share your recipes?

    After 30+ years of living in Wisconsin (and being a Packer fan:-), I still get an instant flashback of Amos Thanksgivings whenever I see the Lions on TV. And of course, Amos Thanksgivings bring back memories of the kids’ table, where we were always well-behaved and the ultimate models of proper etiquette.

  3. I remember the Thanksgiving that picture was taken – mom forcing us to practice the “grandkids song” on the drive from Wisconsin to Michigan, and playing volleyball in Uncle Jerry’s barn.

  4. I agree with Shelley – Uncle Jerry’s friend mincemeat pie is something I’ve never heard of anywhere else but at the Amos holidays!. YUUUUHmmmm…..Aunt Carol’s German Potato Salad….so very GOOD! And, I don’t think I ever had anything that Aunt Elaine made that wasn’t delicious! I wish I was as good a cook as my mom and aunts!

    • REALLY???? I always thought it was your recipe! Well Grandma P was a great cook too! Her pecan pie and baked apples were the BEST!!

  5. I have vague memories of alot of ping-pong being played at my early thanksgivings. One time everyone circled the table and rotated around, taking turns hitting the ball…must have been when most of the cousins were of drinking age.

  6. Christmas one year at Uncle Jerry & Aunt Elaine’s was a huge bowl of shrimp on ice. First time I had shrimp and I like em! I remember Uncle Bruce and Aunt Elaine finishing off the bowl by the end of the evening and I wished I was more bold to join them.


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