The Voices We Love

One of the funnest things about our reunion this summer was noting the obvious similarities in our family traits. From the cleft of a chin passed on to generations of men to the hilarious laughter exchanged between the female cousins, there are many cool things we Amos folks share.

These common traits carry through in the way we speak as well. When I listen to the recordings of my conference calls with the Amos Boys, I hear my sisters in myself. In the Amos Boys’ voices, I find memories of my grandfather and great-grandfather.

A while ago the Amos Boys and I were talking about school. By now we know the three of them and school didn’t always jive. The stories they tell are funny and I’m excited to share them with you, as told by the guys themselves.


Here’s one by Bruce (click here). Don’t you just love the resonating gravel of his voice?



Speaking of handwriting, Duane also has a story (click here). Apparently, he didn’t take the fine art of penmanship as seriously as did Bruce.



Hmmm… (click here to hear Duane speak first, then Bruce and then Jerry)…considering Jerry is the teacher among us, wouldn’t you figure him to have been a well-read, scholastic child?


And then there was after school. The loving banter the Amos Boys display today obviously goes way back to when they were boys (click here).

As we close this week, I have to comment on our conference call good-byes. Sometimes we’re like the Waltons, with the brothers all saying good-bye to each other. Other times the good-byes are like the one below. There’s something to listen for.

You know how each family has that someone who binds everyone together? It’s the person who organizes the gatherings, pulls in the strays, and speaks his heart for those who sometimes have trouble speaking their own. Listening to the Amos Boys, it’s easy to hear which of the three that someone is. He kept his older brothers in line back then. He keeps them in touch with each other now.

Interesting how that goes, eh? (Click here.)

5 thoughts on “The Voices We Love

  1. This is one post I will treasure and keep – just to hear all their voices! Heard that my dad was the first to hang up….heehee…..not much changes over the years!

  2. Ya Cheryl….It was probably the phone that made me sound like that frog guy. But I did look like Barney the deputy in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. Every year a student would say: “You know who you remind me of ?” After a while I decided that there must be something to it. Ron Aulrich, a teacher friend and great tease started calling me “Barney.” This why the name is in our e-mail address.


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