We’re in the News!

Planning the Laing family legacy tour and reunion are, from left, Duane of Corunna; Shelley of St. Johns, daughter of Bruce; and Jerry of Lansing.

Hey folks! The big weekend is here and we are in the news! The Laingsburg News and surrounding publications covered our reunion. Here is an adapted article…

Four generations of Peter Laing descendants will gather in Laingsburg on Saturday, June 16, to revisit historical sites meaningful to his legacy. The group will meet at Cinders Grill at 9 a.m. and then take a road tour past family homes, churches and cemeteries in Shiawassee and Ingham Counties.

“Dr. Peter Laing and his family came to Michigan from Sarasota County, New York in 1833, settling first in Ann Arbor, where he practiced medicine. Following the death of his wife a few years later, he set out with his son William and son-in-law Mason Phelps, and took up land claims in Sciota Township, on the Grand River trail. Peter erected the first building in the township and opened a tavern, which soon became a popular stopping place along the trail. Dr. Laing later petitioned to open a post office at the tavern, and at his request the settlement was called Laingsburg,” adds Ed Buskirk, Laingsburg News editor.

The legacy tour is part of an Amos family reunion for brothers Duane, Bruce and Jerry Amos, who are great-great grandsons of Dr. Laing. Since January, the brothers have been meeting weekly via telephone conference calls and their conversations have sparked a renewed interest in the Laing and Gulick family histories.

Ed Buskirk, Laingsburg News editor adds: “The Laingsburg Business and Community Association recently formed a committee, chaired by Dean Veith, to make plans to celebrate the city’s 175th anniversary in 2013. Persons interested in helping plan the event may contact Veith at deevee413@aol.com. ”

See you tomorrow folks! It’s going to be so fun!

1 thought on “We’re in the News!

  1. My daughter picked up a dozen copies of the Laingsburg News. We’ll bring them tomorrow; there should be enough to go around, I think.


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