Remembering Our Cemeteries and Knowing Us Amos’s

Margie (Maggie) Francis Laing Adams, Rose Lawn Cemetery, Perry MI

Here in Wisconsin, there’s a country cemetery up the road from our house that my husband’s family has maintained for more than 40 years. Every year on Memorial Day we gather with the ever-aging cemetery board members and discuss things like burning burdock along the fence line or increasing plot fees from $75 to $100. (I wrote about these exciting meetings here in my maternal grandmother’s blog.)

Anyway, planning for this year’s meeting has got me thinking about traveling to Michigan in three weeks for the Amos Reunion and the cemeteries we’re going to visit as part of our historical road trip. I’m getting so excited! In fact, we’ve now given the road trip an official name—the Gulick-Laing Legacy Tour, or, simply the Legacy Tour, since we don’t want to appear overly ostentatious.

Here’s what’s planned for the Legacy Tour

On Saturday, June 16, at 9 am., we’ll meet at Cinders Grill in Laingsburg. We’ll enjoy a dutch treat breakfast. We’ll go over route maps and handouts that Jerry is putting together. And best of all, we’ll raucously reconnect with those we haven’t seen in years!

After breakfast, we’ll all take off in our cars for the Legacy Tour. We’ll drive past homes where our ancestors lived. We’ll see sites where important buildings once stood. And we’ll visit cemeteries where our family members are buried. The tour may take 3-4 hours, depending on our speed. Join us whenever you wish, stay as long as you can stand us.

But the best comes after the Legacy Tour!

Duane and Jan’s house is where the real action will be! I hear they’ve even put in a horseshoe pit. The reunion starts at 2 pm. Come whenever you can, but for sure be there by 5-6 for the delicious dinner!

But wait, I’ve been thinking…

For some, it’s been decades since we’ve seen each other. Others of us haven’t even met. How will we know we’re Amos’s?

Joel came up with identifying clues. We need you to add to them!

You know you’re an Amos if…

  • You sing the special Happy Birthday song
  • You’re always late
  • You can never find your glasses
  • You can never find your glasses, and you look in the mirror and they’re on your head
  • Pickles are a required food for every gathering

13 thoughts on “Remembering Our Cemeteries and Knowing Us Amos’s

    • Bruce was never late. He didn’t have much patience for us tardy toadies. You can tell an Amos if their bumper sticker says: “In the beginning was the word BEER…and it was good.”

      • You may be an Amos if you’ve thought that beer would help pass a kidney stone. It doesn’t. Makes the process more agonizing, actually.

  1. Bummer, Joel. I suppose kidney stones should be listed under the health section, yes? I hope you feel better soon. Get those babies out by time the reunion!

  2. Had a kidney stone ounce umpteen years ago….ouch-OUCH-OUCH. I read that most stones have to do with too much calcium being absorbed, and it is hereditary. . Related to this is refined carbs, excess vit. C and oxalates being absorbed, and persistant mild dehydration.

  3. By the way, I used Elaine’s computer to offer the beer bumper sticker I.D. for an Amos. But it is true that some of us are Michigan rednicks and proud of it. Here is proof with a money making idea. Save your kidney stones if you can capture them. Those that look a little like some well known figure can be advertised on Craig’s List.

  4. Of course, Uncle Jerry finds a way to make money from kidney stones:-) On the other hand, it seems odd that an Amos could suffer from the mild dehydration that causes them…

    • I’ll email it to you Vicki. I’m preparing an email to send to everyone with last minute reunion details, addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can them forward it on to your families. Looking forward to next weekend!


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