Fashionistas in Our Own Right

Two years ago when I blogged about the Larson side of my family, I featured our stylish Easter fashions. Well, certainly we can’t have the Amos family outdone, so I’m doing the same for us this week.

Actually, historical photos prove we Amos’ are a very stylish people (in our own special way). Let’s take a look at this collage of fashionistas, which maybe isn’t in correct chronological order. But that’s okay, because maybe we didn’t always express our great sense of style in the correct chronological era.

Glen and Earl Gulick

In a past episode of our family tree, there’s a picture of Earl Gulick and his brother Glen. Of all things, poor Earl is stuck wearing a skirt. In this picture he’s grown enough to wear short pants. True, he has leggings underneath and some bow around his neck, but at least he’s now into pants.

Duane and Bruce

Not only do we have musicians in our family, we have cowboys as well. Here are Duane and Bruce looking mighty pleased.

Bruce and JerryAnd here are Bruce and Jerry, looking mighty sharp. It’s interesting that even in the hard times of the Depression, it was still important to dress up. For example, Duane, Bruce and Jerry wore leather shoes, even to school.

“We didn’t wear tennis shoes like they do now, except to play basketball,” says Jerry.

“In grade school we had leather shoes with a pocket on the side of the shoe that snapped shut,” says Bruce. “The pocket was for our jack knives. We took knives to school to play Mumbly Peg.”

Times have changed a bit, eh?

It’s been said the Amos Boys were some saavy dressers as young men. Jerry says it must have been Duane and Bruce, because all he wore were blue jeans and T-shirts.

“All the kids in high school were wearing peg pants,” says Duane. “They were real narrow at the cuffs.”

“They tapered from the knee down,” adds Bruce.

“Do you remember, Bruce, we went to Owosso to a high school dance?” asks Duane. He’s recalling a dance they attended with Carol and Jeanne. “We happened to go in the john and we thought we were going to get beat up. The guys there didn’t even know what peg pants were. We apparently stood out.”

I wondered what kind of socks they wore with those tight pants. White? Black?

“Argyle,” says Jerry. “Argyle socks and argyle sweaters.”

Well, the guys weren’t the only ones paying attention to socks. Their women did as well. Jerry’s wife Elaine remembers wearing blue jeans rolled up just below the knee and their socks rolled down. And of course, they wore saddle shoes.

“I remember cutting off the top part of socks and adding that cutoff top to the cuff of the socks you were wearing,” says Elaine. “We rolled all of that down so you had a big round roll above the ankle. Crazy look but that was what we were doing.”

Vote for Elaine!

Elaine went from a high school girl rolling her socks down in the 1950s, to foxy mom and politician in the 60-70s.

And the hair got higher…

Bruce and Jeanne 1972

…and higher.

Here’s Jeanne with some big hair, together with Bruce in his lovely, ruffled shirt. But just in case Bruce’s son Scott is prone to teasing, let’s take a look at his outfit…

Like I said, we have cowboys in our family.

Elaine, Vicki, Carol, Terri

Here it’s 1971 and the young generation is separating their style from their parents’. Elaine and Carol still have the big hair, but Vicki and Terri are into long, flowing tresses. And bangs.

What about Carol’s paisley print dress? Wouldn’t that be a vintage treasure today?

But the eyeglasses—oh, the eyeglasses! Those are what’s funnest of all.

Jerri Lynn’s cat-eye glasses are well complimented with her flowery headband, don’t you think?

Vintage sunglasses

Here are some vintage sunglasses possibly from the 1960s. They’re part of Elaine’s cool collection of eyeglassware (I bet she where’s these when she goes out with the girls:-).

Isn’t it amazing what slaves we are to fashion? For 40 years I wondered what the heck I was thinking when I wore those black glasses. Now look, here I am again.

And last, since it’s Easter and we just can’t overlook this beautiful day, here are some Easter bonnet darlings—Vicki and Shelley.

Happy Easter everyone! May you have a very blessed day!

3 thoughts on “Fashionistas in Our Own Right

  1. I can’t believe no one has commented on Scott’s cute outfit. How can we let that go? I’ve gone back to the black glasses. Do you think he’s once again wearing cowboy pajamas?


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