Do You Remember Snow Days?

So, the plan for today was to reminisce childhood winters and all the snowy adventures the Amos Boys had back in the day. But, with the exception of Duane perilously sliding under an oncoming car with his sled; or Bruce riding down the Beech Street hill on sheet metal from an old furnace; or Jerry hitching rides from the back bumper of cars while skiing on his feet; these guys don’t have many snowy sagas to tell. In fact, they didn’t even get snow days off from school.

“Most students in Lansing walked to school and a foot of snow would not be a problem,” says Jerry.

Amos Boys and friends playing ball

Back, l-r; Uncle Ralph Gulick, his oldest son LaVern. Middle: Bruce and Duane. Front: Ralph and Laura's twins, Don and Ron.

What the guys do reminisce a lot of is running around the neighborhood and hanging out with friends. They remember playing ball in the street. Or kick-the-can. Or bicycle tag at night (one of their friends even painted his bike an advantageous black).

“That was our entertainment. We didn’t have all the things kids have today,” says Bruce. “There was nothing to do in the house.”

And yet, interestingly, it sounds like the Amos house was the place to be.

“We never had any grass in our front yard because all the kids congregated at our house,” says Duane. “No grass, just hard dirt. Our mom always worked, but the other kids’ moms were home. So everyone came to our front yard.”

“And in the house, sometimes, for wrestling matches,” adds Jerry. “We had a big jam pile there one time. About six guys were wrestling each other and they fell onto the couch and broke the feet off.”

Another time their friend Dick Ritchie’s sister, Delores, angrily chased him through their house. As she swiped at him with a mop, she shattered a chandelier.

Oh, man. Think of the Amos Boys’ poor mother when she came home from work.

Perhaps we should go back to talking about snow.

Jerry and his daughter Jenny

Maybe living in Lansing didn’t give the Amos Boys a lot of snowy memories. But interestingly, they all grew up and raised their families in the country. We, their children, spent a lot of time ice skating, tobogganing, and snurfing (a precursor to snowboarding, don’tcha know).

The memories that stand out most, however, are of Uncle Jerry pulling us cousins through the snowy fields on a wooden skid with his tractor.

Those were fun times, weren’t they?


15 thoughts on “Do You Remember Snow Days?

  1. There is a picture of Gladys’ brother Ralph Gulick, his oldest son LaVern, Bruce and Duane, Ralph and Laura’s twins Don and Ron.

  2. I’m glad you captioned the second picture. With all the blinding glare coming off the bare torso beside me, I couldn’t tell who it was. Sorry Dad, Love you.

  3. I am Elaine, Jerry’s wife, Mom to JerriLynn and Jennifer, Grandma to Jerren, Carter,Clark, Kyle and Ryan. also Great-Granny to Eleanor (Nora) and Violet. I’m so glad you are all joining the Amos Boys going down Memory Lane, it will be great fun. We have been going through pictures bringing back memories of fun and togetherness of family. Thanks Di for the idea, work and time.

  4. What, cousins? No skid-riding stories? Does anyone recall a time when we were going through the rough snowy field and bounced over a particularly big bump? We girls suddenly noticed Dave was missing and were sure he had fallen off and been run over. We may have even worked ourselves into a screaming concern. Turns out he had just tired of us and had gotten off long before.

  5. Di, I do remember thinking Dave had been run over that time. But you know Dave, always turning up like a bad penny or I mean nickel.

    When I think back on us riding that ice covered manure skid, I always wonder why someone didn’t break a bone or fall off the front and get flattened. What were we thinking? Or better yet, what were the adults thinking? I guess the danger was the fun part, that and the hot chocolate mom would have ready for us when we had finally had enough.

      • I remember. Uncle Jerry gave me the nickel for attempting to hula hoop (I wasn’t very good). I never saw the nickel again, but passed three pennies and a tiddlywink later that week.

  6. Cheryl….I didn’t tell you kids that we used it to haul manure out of the barn. Sorry but some of you might not have wanted to ride on it. It came apart a few years ago. We still have the same three-wheeled tractor so if you want to come and take another ride I will build a new, clean skid. By the way, you kids were not very bright, or you would not have ridden on anything that disgusting and unsafe..

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