1. Word with no meaning, used to fill out a sentence
  2. Oath or swear word, of profane nature
  3. Choice word Gladys (or other adults) used in conjunction with her three boys

Two months ago was an anniversary of sorts. It marked an era that began 80 years ago in Lansing, Michigan, when, on November 3, 1931, the first of three Amos boys was born. The city has never been the same since.

The Amos Boys—Duane, Bruce and Jerry—were born in the 1930s, a time when economic depression commonly forced families to do uncommon things in order to survive. Since then, the world has created history in ways no one could imagine. The Amos Boys have created their history too.

Think of the stories they have to tell — a few hard times, lots of fun times, and all of them meaningful times. And typical to these three guys, they tell them with a laugh and a very special bond.

So that’s what we’re going to do with this blog. Together, with Duane, Bruce and Jerry, we’re going to hear their stories and share a good laugh. While we’re at it, we can all get to know one another—we, who are their children, their grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren.

This is gonna be so cool!

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Scroll all the way to the end of this post and click on the Reply link
  2. Leave a comment. Tell us who you are and how you’re connected to Duane, Bruce or Jerry (make sure you click “Post Comment” when you’ve finished your comment).
  3. Subscribe to this blog and enjoy what we hope will be weekly posts.
  4. Share this blog address with your friends and family, and invite them to join in!

96 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Okay, I’ll start us off.

    I’m Diahann and I’m Duane’s daughter. Yes, my name is spelled a little weird…a simple Di is much easier. Looking forward hearing from you all!

  2. I’m Shelley and I’m Bruce’s middle child. Well, Michelle is my real name. Dad wanted to nickname me Mike, but history shows that didn’t go over very well! I think this will be lots of fun…thanks so much, Di, for doing this! I can’t wait to read the stories.

  3. I am Joel, Duane’s youngest child. By reading this first blog entry I have already learned where I may have inherited my ability to insert profanity where needed.

  4. HI Everyone! I’m Vicki, Bruce’s oldest daughter. After talking to Di a couple of weeks ago I’ve been excited to see this get started. Sharing this with my three daughters and their children will be wonderful. THANK YOU Di for doing this…and for the phone call. It was great to talk with you and I’m sure we will all learn some new things about the Amos boys! And, Joel, I can truely appreciate your comment! :>)

  5. Hey, How neat to hear from everyone! I’m Terri, Duane’s smallest child. (I’m trying to avoid the title of “oldest”.) This blog will be a wonderful way to draw our extended families together. Yah, Di!
    Joel, I do not understand your comment. You know our family NEVER used expletives!!

    • Pictures would be really great. I don’t think we can post them in the comments – correct me someone, if I’m wrong. But please do email them to me and I’ll post them at certain points in the blog. Family pictures, old pictures…the more we have the better, especially since I have so few right now.

      • OK, everyone, get those pictures on their way to Di. I’m going to start, Vicki and Scott, with the picture of the 4 of us last year at Dad’s.

      • I’ll definitely send some after we are home from South Carolina…but that won’t be until March.

  6. Di…………..It is hard to believe that you actually enjoy doing all the work required on a project like this, especially when everyone knows you can only believe about half of what those Amos guys say. You are off to great start. Thank you very much for taking this on. A secret admirer of the little guy in the picture.

    • Thanks, Uncle Jerry. Yep, the little guy is really dapper in that cute uniform. In fact, all of you look so sharp, I’m wondering how Grandma was able to get the three of you dressed up and staying clean long enough for a picture.

    • Uncle Jerry….we ALL KNOW about the “believe half” part…that’s part of what makes it fun! (By the way – I can just hear you chuckling while this was being posted!)

  7. Wow, we’re really coming through with the comments! This is so great. Now, let’s here it from the next generation. C’mon, chilluns! We want to meet you!

  8. I’m still Cheryl, somewhere in the middle of Duane’s pack. It will be hard to find words without meaning about the Amos’ boys and the fun their families had growing up. Looking forward to reunionizing with everyone.

  9. Im Amanda, Bruce’s granddaughter and Shelley’s daughter. Will be exciting to learn more about our family and where we came from!

    • Hi Amanda, Bruce’s granddaughter, and Shelley’s daughter! I don’t think I have ever met you before. It will be great to do so now.

  10. Hi everyone. This is Jen, the youngest and smallest (ha ha) of Jerry’s kids. What a wonderful idea Di. I have so many great memories of hanging out with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. Can’t wait to hear more stories of the Amos boys and find out what all their progeny have been up to.

  11. Hello, I’m Jonathan, Diahann’s kid and Duane’s grandkid. My middle name is also Amos, so I guess I’ve got that going for me.

    • Hello Jonathan! I have probably met you, but I’m sure you were very young the last time I saw you. I’m afraid to know how old you are, because I still think of your mom as a young girl!

  12. Terri and Vicki, do you remember when Uncle Jerry got Scott’s high chair toy with the suction cup stuck on his forehead and ended up with a hugh round bruise? Terri, I’m not sure you were at our house when it happened, and I know the younger kids wouldn’t remember because Scott was just little. Uncle Jerry, you proably have some stories about going back to school with that bruise on your forehead! It was pretty funny!

  13. Hello! I’m Becky, Duane’s granddaughter and Terri’s youngest daughter. This blog is a great idea… I’m excited to learn more about the family!

  14. Remember when Joel had a problem with a suction cup from a plunger on his belly? He amused his niece and nephews. Something sticky about that.

    • This is Jason Lohr, Duane’s grandson and Joel’s nephew. Yes, I remember both times he did that quite vividly, including the purple circle it left behind.

  15. This is Buck, Duane’s daughter. (Sorry, late chiming in. Got back from weekend with the four kids at wisconsin dells.) I learned most of my expletives holding the flashlight while my father fixed the lawn mowers, the tractor, the weedwhacker, the fridge, the dishwasher, etc. Pictures will be coming on Monday, Di.

  16. Hi, I’m Bethany. I’m Terri’s daughter and Duane’s granddaughter. (It kind of felt like I was introducing myself at a support group when I typed that. “Hi, I’m Bethany and I’m an Amos”) It’s so interesting to read these comments because I don’t really know anyone beyond my own aunts and uncles. I’m excited for these posts – thanks for doing it, Di!

  17. It would be fun to hear where everyone is living… I know some of you have moved around over the years and I haven’t kept track. I’m still in St. Johns, although I spent about 14 years in the Battle Creek area. Everyone in the Bruce family has deserted me except my two girls. Hillary (who hasn’t chimed in yet) is in Elsie and Amanda is in St. Johns.

      • You’re not so far away! We lived on the west side of BC and then at Pine Lake north of Kalamazoo, so I’m kind of familiar with the area.

    • I agree with you Shelley! I’ve been in Watertown, WI, since I married Glen (he’s traveled far in life – just up the road from where he grew up:-).

    • Well, I left MI in Jan 06′. I moved to NC for a job. Moved to SC in Sept 10′ then on to FL in May 11′ , now living in Tampa FL about 30 miles from Dad.

      My daughter Nicki ( who also hasnt chimed in yet) lives in TN but planing to move back to MI soon.

      Corrie lives in Charlotte, MI

      • In 1978 I moved to the Seattle, WA area to teach school. Got married and had 4 kids. In 1992 we moved to Brillion WI. In 2011 Jim and I followed the grandkids to the Baxter/Brainerd MN area. Ruth is in the Columbus, OH area, Bethany and family is here in Baxter, MN, Becky and family just moved from Phoenix to Duluth, MN. And son Mike is home in Heaven.

    • Ron and I lived and our girls grew up in St. Johns. After we retired we moved to Houghton Lake, MI. We have daughers, Keli and Mark live in Lowell, MI (outside of Grand Rapids), Kim and Frank are at Whitmore Lake (down by Ann Arbor) and Kristen and Craig live outside of Dallas, TX.

  18. Something to think about…

    One question I asked the three guys when we started was how open we wanted to be on the blog. Its purpose is to share stories now, but also be a family history for generations to come. That’s something we should consider in our comments as well. What are your thoughts?

    On that same line, in our conference calls with the three guys, my intention is to initiate topics and let them go with it. I hope to do that with the blog as well. I hope to tell parts of the story, but I want to leave lots of room for you to add to it and to ask questions of the guys. It’s going so well, already!

    On the other hand, if, by chance, you inadvertently get ahead of the topic schedule, I may remove your comment/question and save it for later. I’ll let you know, just so you’re not wondering what happened.

    • Was that a comment from the Amos Boys? I’m for it if they are, but I don’t think we should be telling stories they would prefer not be told…if there are any!

      • I agree, Shelley. I’m trying to be real careful with that. Let me know whenever you feel something should be removed or edited. I can do that anytime.

        I also think we should be careful posting pictures. I think we should ask permission of the people in the picture before posting. There, too, I can remove the pictures at any time. However, as for editing, sorry, I make no guarantees for removal of wrinkles or pounds.

  19. Hi everyone, this is Keli, Bruce’s grand daughter and Vicki’s oldest daughter. I am married to Mark Chapman and have wonderful kids, Makela (15) and Dawson (11). I live in Lowell, MI, just to the east of Grand Rapids. It will be nice to hear some great stories about grandpa!

  20. Hi, this is Jenny – I’m Di’s daughter and Duane’s granddaughter, writing from Madison, WI. Looking forward to reading lots of Amos stories!

  21. Hi everyone, I am Kim, Bruce’s grand daughter and Vickis middle child! I am recently married to Frank Gablowski and have a son who is 12 named Austin. We live in Whitmore Lake! This is a great idea, can’t wait to read some of the stories!

  22. Hi, I am Hillary. Bruce’s granddaughter and Shelley’s oldest daughter. I have 2 boys Keigan (8) and Brayden (6 in a couple weeks)There is also Chris (my husband) and my stepson Caleb (13). This should be fun to learn about our family, can’t wait to hear some of the stories.

  23. Hi! I’m Kristen, Bruce’s granddaughter and Vicki’s youngest daughter. I live in Lewisville, TX currently and just became engaged to my future husband, Craig.

  24. Hey Di – I have a question – I checked the areas that said I wanted to be notified of follow-up comments and new posts, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Is there something else I should do?

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve got the comments set to allow that option, so, hmmm, I don’t know what to do or what to suggest. Have you clicked that option each time you reply? Anyone else have ideas for us?

      Notice, I did switch the order. Now the newest are at the top. Such great conversation we’re having here, I’d better make it easier for us all!

      • I don’t remember what I did…but I am getting all replies posted in my email account. And it’s just been great reading!

        Hey Di, don’t we have another brother named Dave? I seem to recall…

      • I’ve clicked it each time, for both follow-up comments and and all new posts, but don’t get any notifications. If you figure out what you did, Terri, would you let us know?

        Yes, I thought we had a cousin Dave and a cousin Jerrilynn, but maybe I’m wrong….

      • Hey I just figured it out! In the bottom right corner there is a “Follow” button. If you click on that it asks for your email address so you get notified of all posts.

      • Say, “Hey everyone… from hence forth vlw317 shall be known as Vicky, eldest and most highly esteemed of all Amos cousins!” We’ll know who it is. ;-)

      • Good one, Terri! I agree with the eldest, haha!!!

        VLW, cant you change it where it asks for email and name before you hit “Post Comment”?

  25. This is Dave, Duane’s favorite child and heir apparent to his massive fortune and vast land holdings. My wife Lori and I have lived in Grand Blanc, MI for the last 26 years. Sam (22) lives in Amherst, MA and Sarah (19) is in Kalamazoo.

  26. This is JerriLynn, oldest and wisest daughter of Jerry. My dad suggested that I tell the story of Grandma Klotz leaving Jennifer, Scott and I alone while she got her hair done. We played hide and seek. Scott had the screwball idea to hide in the clothes chute which was in a cupboard under the sink on the upstairs bathroom. We found him of course. But to his horror he was unable to crawl out. He was stuck. He was getting scared. We tried to pull him out. No luck. He was wedged tight and our pulling was hurting him. We went to the basement and wheeled Grandma’s flimsy laundry cart under the shoot. Back upstairs I peeled his fingers off the edge where he was clinging one at a time. It was necessary because he wouldn’t let go on his own. Then we raced to the basement and there he was! I don’t remember him being hurt at all. Just shook up. Perhaps his version of the story would be different. I doubt if he ever hid in a clothes chute again. I don’t think we ever told Grandma!

  27. My husband Pete and I have lived in Mundelein, a northwest suburb of Chicago for the last 21 years. Kyle (22) lives in Minneapolis MN but has applied to grad school so we are waiting to hear where he will end up. I just talked to Ryan (19) and he said he would get on and post a reply so I will let him introduce himself.

    I remember the hide and seek incident because I was a willing participant in the peeling of the fingers. I can’t believe that someone can fall 2 stories onto a concrete floor and not get hurt. Scott, you were one tough kid.

  28. Well, I’m joining this pretty late, but…..I’m Ruth, Duane’s granddaughter and Terri’s daughter. And I guess I’m going to Michigan this weekend!

  29. As a Capen descendant, I though I would let all the Gulicks descended from Amanda, that they are related to no less than 9 US Presidents.
    John Adams
    John Quincy Adams
    Millard Fillmore
    Ulysses Grant
    James Garfield
    Calvin Coolidge
    Franklin Roosevelt
    And both Bushes


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